Enjoy the Boho style

Hi, everyone, this is Ting and I am a designer.
Just moved in a Boho style room, and I enjoy brainstorming on the big wall with lots of post-it!

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  • Hi, Ms.Ting! Thank you for your post.
    the Boho style is one of my favorite style!
    I hope you enjoy your time at your lovely home:)

  • Tingさん投稿ありがとうございます♪

  • Hello, Ting-san!!
    This is Go from REISM.

    How about days spending in your Boho style room? comfortable?
    I wanna see the big wall you put up lots of post-it ;)

  • Hi, Ting-san.
    I'm Yuka Ichihori.
    Please call me icchi🙋

    You are a designer😮❣
    Is it an architectural one?
    The terracotta tile and arch entrance in Boho style are very very cute💕